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Major Cycling is a recreational cycling club with objective to promote cycling activities in the area. The club promotes cycling as a lifetime activity that encourages good health, wellness, friendship, and personal accomplishment. The club offers the opportunity to bring together like-minded athletes who wish to share the sport of cycling with others.

Our Mission

“Major Cycling” is in honor of the accomplishments of Marshal American bicycle racer, Marshall “Major” Taylor (1878-1932).  Major Taylor was the world’s first black sports superstar who achieved world cycling championship fame in 1899 and American sprint champion in 1900, which included numerous track cycling records.  We ride in his memory, dedicating to his spirit and accomplishments.  Therefore Major Cycling looks to advance bicycle access, safety and education.  We encourage and promote cycling among adults as well as youth.  We seek to unite, inspire and provide people with resources to achieve their cycling goals.

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Our Vision

“Major Cycling” envisions people of all ages from the Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey area discovering the joy and challenges of cycling.  Cycling is an ongoing, mainstream activity in communities across our region. Cycling is also recognized, accommodated, and funded as a legitimate essential means of transportation in PA and NJ.  Residents continue to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle that includes safe and convenient active transportation options.  As a result, our communities benefit from improved health, stronger economies, and a higher quality of life.  Cities with Major Taylor Cycling Clubs around the country emerged as models for innovative bicycle-friendly transportation facilities and programs.  Major Cycling in PA &  Southern N.J. intend to continue with this vision.